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با توجه به تغییرات ساختاری و سازمانی در اداره امور داخلی و فرآیندی نشریات انجمن مهندسی دریایی ایران، لطفا از این پس جهت پیگیری و بررسی روند داوری مقالات خود، با پست الکترونیک نشریات به آدرس info@ijmt.ir و info@marine-eng.ir و شماره 09229687535 خانم مهندس یاسمین حسنی آسیابدره (کارشناس و مدیر داخلی نشریات) در تماس باشید.

شایان ذکر است که اولویت ثبت و رسیدگی، با درخواست هایی است که به ایمیل های اعلام شده ارسال می گردد و تماس تلفنی در اولویت بعد و فقط در مواقع خاص قابل بررسی است. از این که به نشریات انجمن مهندسی دریایی ایران اعتماد می کنید و حاصل زحمات و نتایج تحقیقات ارزشمند خود را برای ما ارسال می نمایید، سپاسگزاریم.
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Journal of Marine Engineering

“Journal of Marine Engineering”  is a fully open access, double blind, peer reviewed, electronic and print,  bi-quarterly publication which covers areas related to marine technology. All submitted manuscripts are checked for similarity to be assured about its originality and then rigorously peer-reviewed by the reviewers. Submitting papers to “Journal of Marine Engineering” is Free as a non-commercial publication.
However, in order to recover some of the costs of layout, plagiarism checking, indexing and other costs of the journal, if the article has been accepted to publish, a deposit of the amount of 4,000,000 Rials from respected authors will be requested

Discussion on a paper is open until three month after publishing of it. In case of the approval of the Editorial Board of the Journal, the authors of the paper will be invited to send their reply for publication in the next issues of the journal. The discussion and the authors’ reply will be printed in the second further issues of the journal.

Marine scientists and academic are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. The publication appears at regular time intervals two times a year. Journal of Marine Engineering is fully open access and full texts of published articles are available to the public through the journal’s website for free. Journal of Marine Engineering practices peer-review process to control the scholarly content of submitted manuscripts by international experts. Marine-eng’s Editorial Board selects manuscripts with excellence in content, preferably without commercial targets.

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2022، Volume 18، Number 35

Print ISSN: 1735-7608

Online ISSN: 2645-8136

Director-in-Charge: M. S. Seif

Editor-in-Chief: M. S. Seif

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  • Current Issue: 2022، Volume 18، Number 35
  • Print ISSN: 1735-7608
  • Online ISSN: 2645-8136
  • Director-in-Charge: M. S. Seif
  • Editor-in-Chief: M. S. Seif
  • Publisher: Iranian Association of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

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