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Volume 14, Issue 27 (7-2018)                   marine-engineering 2018, 14(27): 21-33 | Back to browse issues page

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Hasanniah A, Movahedi M. Role of Aluminum Interlayer and Heat-Input in Lap Joint Properties of Aluminum to Steel Using Pulsed Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. marine-engineering. 2018; 14 (27) :21-33
URL: http://marine-eng.ir/article-1-649-en.html
1- Sharif University of Technology
Abstract:   (2320 Views)
Effect of aluminum interlayer and heat-input was investigated on lap joint properties of 5052 aluminum alloy to St-12 steel welded by pulsed GTAW with ER- 4047 filler metal. Direct joining of aluminum to steel without interlayer was not successful due to the formation of brittle intermetallic phases. Presence of the aluminum interlayer led to decrease in the intermetallic compounds (with the thickness <~3 µm) and production of defect-free joints with tensile strength of ~200 MPa. Two modes of shear-tensile test (with concentration of the shear stress at the interface of the steel sheet/interlayer and interface of the interlayer/5052 aluminum sheet) were used to evaluate the joint strength. In both modes of test, fracture occurred from the weld metal. Joint strength decreased by enhancement of the heat-input. This result was justified given the α-phase primary dendrite arm spacing as well as the distribution of the Al-Si eutectics in the interdendritic regions.
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Type of Study: Research Paper | Subject: Ship Structure
Received: 2017/12/15 | Accepted: 2018/06/13

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